Above Ground Swimming Pools. You Always Have Great Options

Above Ground pools are equally esthetically pleasing and fun!

The Easter Break is fast approaching and Summer is around the corner, if we are anything alike, you are deliberating what fun activities you can engage in. There are numerous options but how convenient, affordable and long lasting are they? There maybe some of you who, like me, have children and feel guilty when we have to ship our kids off to some mundane camp while we toil the entire break away at our desks.

Before my passion grew for the swimming pool business I thought that I had no options. I believed that I had to spend a fortune to get an in-ground swimming pool or purchase one of those blown up pools at our local department stores. One of them I could afford, but had to risk my neighbor catching me with my 5’7” frame coveting the six feet or less of restricted space allocated to my 3 eager children without looking absolutely ridiculous.

Classy above ground Swimming Pools

Above ground swimming pools have been in existence for approximately 70 years but it has not gained much popularity in the Caribbean. There has been a misconception about the cost and the durability of the above ground swimming pool. The main benefits of an above ground swimming pool are listed below;

  1. Cost – The same sized above ground swimming pool is a small faction of the cost of its counterpart the in-ground swimming pool.
  2. Shorter Installation time – when compared to the in-ground swimming pool which takes approximately 6-8weeks the above swimming pool installation takes approximately 5-7 days.
  3. More location choices – it is possible to have more choices of areas to put down the pool in your backyard as the swimming pools come in a variety of sizes.

                                   Go From THIS                                          TO THIS in 7 days or less

  1. Portability – Just imagine you may have to move from your current home and your swimming pool can move with you to your new house. You can also decide on shifting the pool the location right in your backyard with little assistance.
  2. Takes up less space. There is a size to suite every available space, without the mess!
  3. All features available – Above ground pools are available with ladders, steps, diving board ad L.E.D lights. Every accessory available for the in-ground pool is available for the above ground and semi-inground pool.
  4. Reuse your yard – it allows you the flexibility to empty and disassemble the entire pool if you need to, or covers can be purchased to ensure that leaves and debris does not fall into it when not in use.

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