Swimming Pool and Spa Facts - Cost of a Swimming Pool

The first question anyone who is interested in investing in a swimming pool and/ spa asks is ” what’s the cost of this swimmig pool and /spa? Firstly you must realise that the cost of a swimming pool and spa varies enormously. This is all dependent on you the client and the choices you make. the size and depth of the pool, decking and interior finish, lighting and jets, landscaping and location all determine the final price. Contractors are sometimes very hesitant to provide a price over the telephone without seeing the site because locatation will definitely affect the cost as it relates to accessibility, initial damage to pre-existing structures in and around the home or building.

You can have a great pool for a neighbourhood cost of TT$180,000.00 to TT$300,000.00 or you can have a monument to technology for upwards of TT$500,000.00. Do remember that we will work with you to customize a swimming pool and / spa that is in line with your budget.

Construction and Maintenance Facts

How long does it take to build a swimming pool?

A swimming pool typically takes 8-10 weeks to construct. The exact amount of time depends on the factors such as the weather which is out of anyone’s control. Despite unforeseen circumstances we know that building a quality swimming pool takes time, but our experience has taught us how to do it carefully to avoid mistakes, and complete the project quickly.

What options are available in building a swimming pool in the Caribbean?

We bring the world to your door. You dream it we build it! Whether its a salt water swimming pool or a chlorine swimming pool, vinyl or tile finish we would build to your liking. Size, shape, decking and pool interior finishes, heating systems, lighting, salt and chlorine units come in various options. We will guide you in choosing the best finishes to match your budget and individual taste.

Is there much maintenance with a swimming pool?

​A swimming pool is just like any other mechanical device which needs to be cared for in order to ensure continued functionality. The good news is that the process is very simple. Today’s cleaning systems are very low-maintenance so you just need to follow a few simple steps to keep your pool clean, clear and safe but if you’d like us to maintain it for you, we’d be happy to.

What type of warranties do you provide?

We provide one year warranty on all workmanship and swimming pool equipment we use at Veldon A. Limited. 

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